Friday, June 10, 2011

My Dad

So my dad went home on Wednesday. We had a wonderful time together. Like seriously probably the best 5 days I've ever had with him. I was burned out and exhausted (sorry dad) but him being here was so refreshing, secure, normal, and fun. We had some great laughs, which I may recount on here as I find the time.
I was walking to school today and thinking about my family. Thinking about how on earth I got to be here in Spain, learning Spanish, planning on using Spanish for ministry and/or a career. How did it start? And I realized that the Lord really used my dad for this. He started me on Rosetta Stone way back when I was a little girl. He homeschooled me (i loved it). Then instead of throwing away a girlhood dream of going to Guatemala and loving on orphans, he took me! We went to a country that doesn't speak Spanish, and for some crazy reason, he trusted his 15 year old daughter to translate for him.
Since then, we've been to Guatemala 3 more times together. He's seen me have amazing conversations with people, the highlights. He's also seen me at my lowest, the times when I can't understand and can't speak anything back. Or there's the time I was so overwhelmed I just refused to translate for him at all haha. That was bad. But he's been there. Every time. I've messed up a lot. Let me say that again. I've messed up alot. But not once has he not shown grace and love. Not once has he ever told me that I can't do this. His trip here was just what I needed, and made for some precious memories that will last longer than any Spanish dictionary ever will.

I also inherited his way with words. So, this poem is for you, Dad. Thanks for being here for me, for believing in me and walking this journey right alongside me. You and mom are the best :)

Just Me and My Dad

Always there to call me beautiful,
to correct me when I'm wrong.
Arms wide open to fall right into,
for a cry (even when it's long) :)
We've been on the greatest adventures,
Just my daddy and me.
Our rental cars giving us stories,
Especially when we start driving east.
He's been there from the start of my Spanish,
a love of Guatemala we've shared.
He's seen me at the worst of my moments,
but shown me only love and care.
He's been my biggest cheerleader,
For him a translator I've learned to be.
From rosetta stone to community college,
He's always believed in me.
I'm so blessed to be his daughter,
So many sweet memories we've had.
I can't wait for more times together,
Just me and my fantastic dad.


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julie t said...

Beautiful, true, honest, tribute.
God's blessed you with a wonderfully worthy, warrior, Papa, to stand in the gap, to be your advocate and protector, and fortunately in your case to "make you laugh frequently in the process." Amen !