Monday, June 13, 2011

On Spain and the like...Time

Welcome to the first edition of On Spain and the Like! :)

Time. Such an abstract concept. Yet one that we manage to weave into every aspect of our lives.

I had been to Central America, so I knew the "manana, manana" attitude. But here in Spain, I really don't even think they plan tomorrow. There is just no concept of time here unless you're at a train station or an airport. This aspect of European culture absolutely shapes their society.

I went running today and as usual, the benches were full of people. The playground was packed with families, sidewalks full of strollers, the dog park full of happy dogs (more on them later).

The cafes always have people sitting and enjoying wine, beer, or some tapas.

You've heard of the siesta, right? Well it's for real. They have a siesta here EVERY day. I seriously think that the majority of the stores are closed more often than they're open. They typically don't open until after 9. Then they have their siesta from 2-4:30. Then they may re-open again, only to close around 7. So frustrating for the 24-7 Walmart, Walgreens American!

The other day, we were walking to the Plaza and people were just standing on their balconies. Just standing there, doing nothing, just watching.

I asked my teacher if we would be having a test this week. Her response? Oh....we'll see. If we need more time, we'll just take it next week! No syllabus, no plan, no schedule.

An average meal here at a restaurant easily takes over an hour. And when you're done? You just get to sit some more! When I asked for the check several weeks ago the waitress looked at me in shock and said, "What's wrong?! Is something the matter?!" Nope. I'm just done eating and i'm ready to get on with my day!

The concept of to-do lists, planners, and schedules is non-existent here, and while it completely goes against my nature, I kind of like it!

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