Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I've Been Awarded!!

My bloggy friend Melinda gave me this award!

"This award is bestowed upon a fellow blogger
whose blogs content or design is,
in the giver's opinion, brilliant."

There of course is a catch to this award
you have to give 10 'Honest' things about yourself
and then of course tag a few of your blogger friends to play along ...
so here goes ...

10 Honest facts about me...
1. I am a cleaning and organizing freak. I feel stress if the house (specifically my bedroom/desk/places I have control over) are messy and cluttered.
2. I hate conflict. If someone is mad at me I HAVE to fix it.
3. I have a weakness for Peanut M&M's and ice cream of any kind.
4. I sing in the shower all the time.
5. If I could, I would skip college completely, get married, and be a mommy to lots of kiddos.
6. I cannot make decisions- EVER lol. I'm the most fickle, indecisive teenage girl!! My dad says that when I'm older the second-most important thing to look for in a guy besides being a Christian is one who can make decisions haha.
7. I have trouble saying "no" to people and end up getting myself over-committed.
8. I have a phobia of needles I think, and I'm embarassed of how big of a wimp I am when it comes to shots and blood.
9. One dream I have is to take some photography classes, purchase photo editing software, and express my artistic side through pictures. I see so much beautiful photography but I just have a cheap little camara (which is fine but someday I'd LOVE to do more!) :)
10. I just got a brand new haircut today. I have been working up the courage to do it for months now but always chickened out when I sat in the chair. Finally I did it!
I tag Sharon, and Annie

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Sharon said...

So you mean we have to do it too? It seems like we have a lot in common! That is so cool.