Friday, March 27, 2009

Poetry Project

God gave me this great idea the other day- to put all of my poetry in a scrapbook!! Today I started going through all of my old journals, diaries, notebooks, and binders searching for all of the poetry I've written over the years. It's ALOT! Yet it's incredible. God TRULY breathes the words into me, and they are an expression of His love and faithfulness to me. As I read through my poetry I see the seasons of life He has brought me through, I read some of the words and it takes me back to moments in time. I can feel the raw pain, or the delight of the moment. This is going to be a very moving project as I put together this book but I'm excited for it to be done and I can sit down and look through it all.


Katrina said...

Hi Molly the Poet,

I'm excited to see and re-read your poetry collection too!

Your Momma XOXO

Sharon said...

Wow, I bet it brings back lots of memories! I think that is so cool that you said God breaths the words out of you, and that is really awesome. You could probably make some money on that scrapbook? Have fun putting it all together.

Lucia said...

Hi Molly:

Try to get it done by Easter. I would love to sit and read it.

Your poems are such a mirror of you and what is in your heart. Each one is inspiring and shows us a peek of what is in your head and heart.

We have one of your poems on our refrigerator....along with a picture of a kitty cat that you drew when you were just a little one.

Keep writing poems. See you next Thursday.

Love, Aunt Lucia

Elle, Audrey, and Alyssa said...

hey molly thanks for your comment! the women's fitted shirts do run small so if you usually wear a small i would get a medium. we so appreciate you supporting us! you are an awesome poet!

Melinda said...

Hey Molly! I'm taggin you! Go to my blog to get the details!