Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Guatemala Day ?? I lost track lol

Today was a great day for us. I personally feel much more light-hearted and encouraged. We went with our friends, Greg and Brenda, from Canada to a rural village to do oral hygiene classes with the Guatemalans. We held the classes in a church that doubles as a school on the weekdays. There were many really neat highlights from the day and in order to organize my thoughts I'll make a list:

1. The group we joined for the day needed a translator and Greg had prayed this morning that somehow they would find someone to help them teach the lessons to the people. Well, God picked me. By His incredible grace, He has blessed me with the gift of learning this language- and a deep love for it. I LOVE Spanish. I LOVE being able to communicate with the people. So I got to work with kids, speak my favorite language, and teach all in one day. It was amazing to see God answer prayer that way.

2. We met the most amazing pastor here. He walks ONE AND A HALF HOURS to get to his church. How faithful is that?! I have never ever met someone who is SO faithful to God, and to the calling He gave them. That is AMAZING.

3. I met a really neat girl named Mary who lives in this little village by herself. She's from the States, I think around 22 years old. She's been in Guatemala for a year, and she is going to open a medical and dental clinic in April. Another amazing example of following God's call!!

4. I have never seen somebody get SO excited over a toothbrush. These people were delighted!! There was a row of older ladies in the back of the classroom and they were laughing so hard while brushing their teeth they started snorting LOL!! So.... next time you brush your teeth- be thankful you have a toothbrush, be thankful you have teeth, and look at yourself in the mirror and laugh. Just for the fun of it.

It was just overall a very uplifting day for me. I'm so thankful, because I was emotionally exhausted and discouraged yesterday (hence no blog post). Tommorow will be our last full day in Guatemala, and we fly out Friday. We are going to go to school with the "big girls" and then spend the rest of the morning holding babies. Then, we'll head for our last lunch, ice cream, and last minute shopping. We will say our goodbyes to the kids on Friday morning, so that will be a rough day for me. But I'm not thinking about it, and I'm going to savor their hugs and kisses tommorow and pretend I don't have to leave this beautiful place!

Love you all!



Katrina said...

Ooooooh Molly!

What a great post and it came just as I was getting worried that I hadn't heard from you all day! You know me! Yes, yes you do know me all to well so I know I don't have to explain myself, huh?! LOL!

What a neat day you had! I am so thankful and excited for you.

Much love,
XOXO Your Momma

Annie said...

So great to hear the neat things you are experiencing on your trip. It sounds like it has been an amazing time. God answers prayers!
Blessings on the rest of your trip!

lisa kindred said...


You are making a difference in so many lives that you have touched this week. I am amazed at how you are allowing God to use you to reach out and be the hands and feet of Jesus! I know your heart is torn with all those precious ones that need a mommy and daddy. We will rally together and pray the adoptions laws change . It is so hard to see, I know what you are feeling. You just want to bring them all home with you!

We would love to see your pics and hear your stories when you get home Please know we are praying and so happy you have had such an incred.ible opportunity. God is going to continue to mold you to an amazing young girl after His Heart.

Love you, LIsa

Anonymous said...

I have been keeping up with your adventures since I got the URL from Becky and you are truly doing a wonderful thing. You are touching so many hearts, both there and here. Safe travels home.