Saturday, March 21, 2009

I love...

So many things to LOVE about this day!!

I Love....

The PERFECT weather!! It could not be more beautiful out. All 5 of us are home and we spent the morning outside!!

The spring cleaning! Sweeping, organizing, cleaning...



Bike riding...

Finding my rollerblades...

Seeing the beautiful blooms come up from the ground. The promise of spring- that after the dead heaviness of winter, life will spring forth. I LOVE that. It turns me back to Christ and His redemptive power everytime. Praise you Jesus!

Climbing trees with Caleb.. (notice he's MUCH higher than me in the tree lol)

Jumping on the trampoline with the brothers...

Taking out all the winter clothes from my closet. Oh, and wearing my favorite springy shirt.
Looking forward to MANY more spring days!
Thank you Lord for such a beautiful day!!



Sharon said...

I love the transformation of your sun room (I don't know if it is a sun room or not?) But you did a great job! It looks like you guys are having a lot of fun out in the nice spring weather, I love it too!

Lucia said...

Hi Molly:

Happy Springtime! LOVED seeing these pictures!

It is cold here. I am working today at my office....ugh! Jay is supervising the tile man at home who is re-tiling our bathroom shower.

YEAH, showers again! I hate washing my hair in the bathtub. So spoiled....I know. We are lucky to have indoor plumbing.

Tonight we are celebrating Jay's birthday and I am taking him out to dinner at his favorite place, called Scalini's.

Say hello to everyone!

Love you, Aunt Lucia XXOO's