Sunday, March 8, 2009

More thoughts :)

I sat down to journal and was hoping to process through all of my day but could not get the words to flow. I feel SO overwhelmed with so many emotions. Incredible joy and delight as we love on these kids. Yet extreme sadness when I think of all we have seen, the future of these children, the poverty these people live in.

I started the first 2 lines of this poem and God just wrote the rest.


Overwhelmed with emotion
My words just won't flow

Struck by more sadness
Than I wanted to know

Enchanted by children
Who have stolen my heart

Amazed at God's plan
From the very start

How can I feel
and what can I do

Such incredible need
O Lord I want to..

Help these precious orphans
Serving the hurting Guatemalans

Be a tool that You use
Spread your Truth to all men.

Lord you've grown in my heart
This passion and burden

Please show me what's next
For I am so uncertain


So maybe this is a little window to my heart. Happy, sad, in awe of God, hopeful, praying that God would show me what He has for me after this, confused as to how to respond to this country, the people, the orphans, the dire need in the world. And, SO thankful that I'm here and that God has given me the incredible gift of this trip.


Katrina said...

Hi My GuateMolly Poet Girl,

I love how God has gifted you with heart felt and inspired poetry, a lovely poem.

God is folding back and revealing a bit more of the calling He has placed within you. I canT wait to see what else He has in store for you this week!

Eagerly awaiting the next post!

XOXO Your Momma

Sharon said...

God has great plans for you even more than you can imagine, just wait!

Annie said...

Your writing gives such a neat snapshot of your time in Guatemala...what you are doing, how God is working... Thanks for sharing it with us all! I am excited to hear more about your trip in the coming days!