Thursday, March 5, 2009

This Journey

Tommorow marks a new chapter
In a journey that is not my own

I'm praying for new beginnings
For a refreshing in our souls

This journey that God our Father
Has set on our paths to take

It's exciting but yet I fully know
This journey will make my heart break

For along the sides of the pathway
Are children of every size

I can feel their arms tight around me,
I'm still haunted by their cries

What lessons are You going to teach me?
What idols will You strip away?
I commit it all into your hands,
For this journey I surrender and wait.



1 comment:

Lucia said...

Hi Molly:

This poem says it all and it is beautiful! Have a wonderful trip and time with Dad and Caleb.

It will be interesting to observe first hand how this trip will impact Caleb.

I pray that God will keep you all safe and secure in his loving arms. I know hat you will have hold of God's hand and he will be directing you.

Enjoy the time you have with the little ones.....they are lucky to have you and you are lucky to have them!

Keep learning and the name of our great Lord.

We love you and will be thinking of you.

Aunt Lucia :-) XXOO