Thursday, March 26, 2009

Charts and Graphs

I've always been a scheduler. I LOVE lists- shopping, to-do-, pro/con, whatever. I love charts. When I was 10 I made our family's first chore charts. Anything that makes me feel organized. So.. I'm a control freak I guess. The next 4 weeks are going to be absolutely crazy in my life. I do not like being overly busy and feeling stressed- but that's exactly what I feel right now lol! So tonight I sat down and "mapped out" the next 4 weeks. I'm juggling ACT studying, my Spanish class at the college, my homeschool stuff, work, church, 2 retreats (one of which I'm leading worship at). It's alot. But after planning out goals for each week I feel alot better about the next month. And I know that I will rely on Christ and look to Him for affirmation and not the world. I will not accomplish all of these things with perfection but I can do them with a joyful heart- and that is what Christ wants from me. For me to put forth my best effort and serve Him gladly with all things. So I'm hanging up my chart under my calendar and I'll soon begin crossing things off my list. I apologize in advance to whoever has to work with me while I'm planning my wedding or preparing for an adoption- I will be list-crazy LOL.


Sharon said...

Wow, you are exactly like me! LOL! I am the same way, I have to have lists to feel organized, (and partly because I would forget). Making lists helps me to not be as stressed, I think. I was thinking the same thing the other day, how much preparing and organizing (In my case lists) someone would have to have for an adoption. That would be a long list. LOL! I hope you don't get too stressed out!

Lucia said...

Well Molly you must come by this naturally.

I am also a list maker and so is Katrina and so was our Mother. Jay said it is the DUTCH in our family....compulsively organized and we LOVE cleaning.

Crossing off does give you a feeling of accomplishment. Uncle Jay hated my lists when we were first married because there was ALWAYS something on it for him to do. PS: He now makes lists too!

Good luck with all of your tasks!

Love you, Aunt Lucia

Annie said...

Fellow list-lovers, unite! ;)
You sound so much like me! I even will write down something I've already done on my to-do list just so I'll have the satisfaction of being able to cross it off! lol!