Monday, March 9, 2009

Guatemala Day 2

Today was another good one! We spent the morning working on some construction projects. We had MANY laughs and apologized alot lol. Caleb and I had the task of installing an electronic keypad lock on one of the doors. What should have been a simple task took all morning! After installing everything, we discovered the door didn't shut. So... we went and got somebody to help us and they agreed, "No esta bien." (this is not good!). I agreed that no, it wasn't, but we don't know how to fix it. I'm actually not sure if they ever did get it fixed but it was fun working on it! My dad was given the task of installing two florescent (i'm not spelling that correctly) lights in the ceiling of this cement building. He worked HARD but was victorious and the workers were quite impressed. I'm so proud of you Daddy! Overall, the morning was a great time. We got to know the workers, try new things, and most importantly work together as a team. Here's my dad with his light:

After working, we played with the older girls for awhile and took them down to the soccer field (a big cement slab the Guatemalans play soccer on) to ride their bikes. Ornoria (the other older girl) is getting SO close to riding by herself. I am determined to teach her by the time we leave, otherwise she will have no one to help her learn how. Tonight, we went to a fun pizza restaraunt for dinner. It was good!

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juliethomas said...

Mr. Phil I just want to say thank you, thank you. After your daughter made me cry with her poem, this photo and your project just turned my tears to laughter! (but laced also with tremendous pride at such an accomplishment!) One has only to know you as long as we have, to appreciate this fully when I say (from the bottom of my heart)that we are so proud of you. A real Mr. Tooltime. Keep up the good work! Julie (and Bruce)