Saturday, March 7, 2009

We Are Here. It is Amazing. God is Amazing.

We are in Guatemala after months of planning, praying, and waiting. I have cried and laughed alot all in the same day. And we've only been here for 10 hours!!

I CANNOT WAIT to show you all the amazing videos and pictures we have taken.
My heart is captured by these children. And it has been broken all over again.

We made it to Guatemala City on time, with all our baggage, no delays, AND our shuttle was ready 4 hours early, so we got to spend the late morning and early afternoon with the kids. When they settled down for naps we headed down to the town for lunch with people here at the orphanage. After that, we were all feeling incredibly exhausted. I was more emotionally exhausted than I was physically. So I pulled a chair out onto the deck, put on some worship music, cried, and journaled. It was a very sweet time of renewal, and I ended my time with the Lord feeling encouraged and sure that God did want me down here for a reason other than to make me feel raw and broken over the plight of the orphans and fall in love all over again with Claudia. He has a specific plan and purpose for this trip that only HE knows and He will reveal it in HIS time. In the meanwhile, He has been so faithful in providing, loving me, and showing me His incredible love.
Tonight was a special night at the orphanage and I'm so thankful we got to take part in it. They threw a birthday party for a couple of the kids and we all celebrated with cake and ice cream. While the whole celebration is very bittersweet, it was a great evening. The highlight was seeing the "big girls" (Claudia and Ornoria) get bicycles. AMAZING! I have video of Claudia getting hers and it is precious.
I wish I could share all of the stories and bring each of you here to see the magnificent beauty, the precious children, and the works of our God!! I'm having some issues with uploading photos on here so you might have to wait till I get home for the big slideshow!


Katrina said... and Claudia look so cute together! Can't wait to see the rest of the videos and photos.

Next time, maybe your Momma will go with you to see this beautiful place and these little orphan children that have burdened your heart.

XOXO Your Loving Momma

Sherry said...

Molly - I am just sobbing this morning reading your blog post. Your heart for the orphans is so apparent and of course it stirs up all those feelings in my heart for the orphans (in general and for 3 very special ones). I KNOW the Lord has very specific plans for this trip for you and your dad and brother. I pray that in His timing you will see all the beauty of that purpose unfold. Love you! - Sherry

Sharon said...

Wow when I saw the pic I thought, that is so cool she is back with Claudia! And yes God does have a plan for this trip, and it may be something you aren't even aware of. These kids are so lucky to have you there loving on them, and showing them they are loved. I am so glad you are sharing this with us, I hope that I can also learn something form other people's experiences. I can not wait to see more pictures! I pray that God would keep this fire burning in you, and that it would keep growing day by day!

Annie said...

I am SO excited for you! The picture is beautiful and I know you are a blessing to all the children you are serving there. I'll keep praying!