Sunday, March 8, 2009

Child of My Heart

My heart is broken over this little girl.
She calls my dad "mi papa"- my daddy.
She thinks I'm her sister.
She thinks Caleb is her brother.
But we're not her family.
Lord, why??!
My sweet girl thinks that we are her adoptive family. My heart absolutely broke when her friend told me this. This joyful, giggly, cuddly girl has the dream in her heart of having a family. Is that too much to ask? Apparently in this world it is. I would do ANYTHING for this little girl. I would live here for a year if that would make me her sister and give her a family. I would go to the moon and back. But I just can't. This is one of the many things that we have to take in, process, and just ask God why? The only thing I can do right now is PRAY. Pray hard for these children and that the adoptions would open up again. Pray for their hearts, their broken, aching hearts who wonder why they're not good enough to be taken home like the other children.
This child of my heart has brought me more laughter, smiles, and joy this week. My heart has also broken over her time and again. My love for Guatemala grew deep through her. God uses her face to draw me back to this burden and passion.
No matter what happens in her future, she'll always be my special girl.


Sherry said...

Molly - I LOVE today's picture of you and Claudia! I am just sobbing again, as my heart breaks for yours and for Claudia's. Your love for this precious girl is definitely something only God could have woven. How precious to know that your role in her life is part of God's purposes and plans for both sweet Claudia and for you. Live each day while you are there, as if it will never end. I love you! - Sherry

Sharon said...

With God all things are possible, so keep praying for the adoptions to open up again! I love the picture!

Annie said...

What a beautiful photo of two beautiful girls! :) It's so hard to not be able to help every child that finds his or her way into our hearts! We have to trust their futures, just like ours, to our Almighty Father, however. He always does what's best, even if we can't see how at the time. I'll keep praying for you and Claudia that God would do His work in both of your lives!

Alyssa Marie said...

My heart broke as I read this post. I know this pain all too well as I have "A child of my heart" half way across the world in China. You are right all we can do is pray. Isnt that amazing! We have the priviledge of bringing these precious ones before the THRONE OF THE ALMIGHTY!!! What an honor. There is no better thing we can do for them than to pray. I know praying is not always (hardly ever) the easy thing to do. But we have to TRUST that God loves these kiddos even more than we do and the very best place to take them (while it would seem the best thing to do is adopt them) is before the throne of our great God. Cherish every second you have with her this week! Your are in my thoughts and prayers sweet girl!
Love, Alyssa

Janie Rider said...

I cried as I read this post....I remember being just a bit older than you and crying because I wanted so badly to adopt. Molly, you are one amazing woman. God is so faithful to hear your cries and groans especially Claudia. Who knows what is in store for her. I know the rawness of your heart and the depth of your pain. I will pray for you tomorrow as you plan to leave the Nest. Thanks for loving the Fatherless as you do. Take care my friend.