Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Crazy Good Day

9- Corinne came over and we sewed some taggie blankets for the business

11:30- went for lunch at Panera and killed some time at the mall before we went to work

1:30-5- worked.

5:30-6:15- Filmed skits at church for the upcoming VBS

6:30-7- Got my hair cut!! :) My hair had gotten WAY too long. It felt so good to get it cut and I LOVE the way she cut it. It's my favorite cut so far. She did a good job. I think I look older..... but then again I can never get my hair to look like it does right after it's cut anyway!! :)
7:15-9- Experience (leadership team) meeting at church.

Six Flags tommorow and Branson Friday!! Woo-hoo!!

It was a really good day. I had a great time talking with Corinne. Probably the highlight though was looking at baby girl clothes at Old Navy. We were envisioning them on little Ethiopian sweethearts that will be coming home soon!! :) We're so weird! But we had fun and that's what matters!!

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