Sunday, July 6, 2008


Last night and this afternoon I scrapbooked last summer's Guatemala trip in my spiritual memorial stone scrapbook, a scrapbook for special moments or events that have been monumental in my walk with God. So I typed out all of the poems that I'd written and all of the "God stories" that happened. I was so full of mixed emotions. I was encouraged to read again the journal entries I'd written of God's faithfulness to the team while we were there and the incredible lessons that He taught me. My heart ached as I looked at pictures of Claudia, knowing she's still down there and knowing her family's hearts are absolutely breaking waiting for their precious daughter. So it was just kind of a rekindling of my desire to help these kids. If I could I would so totally hop on a plane and fly to Guatemala, Ethiopia, anywhere that I can help! BUT, I can't. Right now God has called me to stay here. Which gets me onto the topic of waiting. It seems in life that we are always waiting for something. Waiting until the weekend, waiting for summer vacation, waiting for graduation, waiting for college, waiting for dating, waiting for marriage, and the list goes on!! Part of our Christian walk is learning to wait with patience, resting in the arms of God! So I'm waiting and learning.

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