Monday, July 14, 2008

They're Growing Up

I've realized the past couple of months that my brothers are growing up!! It's kind of sad... they've officially left that childhood stage and are slowly becoming more mature (or ARE they?!!! Just kidding! hehe!). God has grown in Noah this sweet gift of serving and encouragement. Just in the past month, Noah has been showing me incredible love and kindness through his words and actions. He'll run out of the house if he sees me coming in with my arms full of stuff from the car, he'll open the door for me, pause the movie to go get a sweatshirt for me if I'm cold, go and grab a Diet Coke for me- all without me asking!!! Even more special, he's started telling me, "Molly, that shirt looks nice on you." or "Your hair looks good today." or "That outfit's pretty." I nearly had a heart attack the first time he said that to me. He sincerely wants to make me feel beautiful and that means more to me than I can describe. I told him last night that some girl's going to snatch him right up!! Those simple acts of kindness and love will capture any girl's heart!!

God has been working in Caleb too and although he doesn't always express himself in the same way that Noah might I've gained back his trust over the past month or so. A couple of summers ago, Caleb and I would stay up late at night and talk. He would wait until Mom and Dad put him to bed and then he would sneak into my room and we'd sit by the night light and talk for an hour. I'd missed that closeness so much and I think that God has softened Caleb's heart to me and Caleb has started confiding in me again. He has such a sensitive heart, even though he acts macho sometimes. Right, Caleb? :)

God is so good to give me these guys! For so long I thought that our family wasn't complete without a little sister but now I know this is it!! I look forward to the coming years as we grow older and branch out. I dream of reunions together with our own families and I pray that someday it'll happen!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Molly...just wait until they get into girls!(or are they already into girls?) Then it'll be a completely different story :)

Brothers. Can't live with 'em. Can't live without 'em.

Lucia said...

Hi Molly:

Been awhile since I have had time to read your blog but I wanted to see the pictures of camp and Mom said they were posted on your blog.

Looks like everyone had a GREAT time!

Wow, the boys ARE CHANGING! They both look taller and more mature, but then I have noticed this our last two visits and commented to Uncle Jay that they have lost their "little boy" look.

Great pictures! I liked the ice cream video. Loved the camp picture of what looks like Caleb upside down hanging from a tree!?!

I know that based on our conversation we will not be able to connect while you are in NYC. I understand that it is way "cooler" to hang out with friends while you are here and as you said you will be very busy with "activities".

I would love to hear from you. I miss you and will not see you until Christmas since we are not planning to come home in August, as usual. Here is my cell phone number: 914-582-5422.

Have fun in NY.

Love you, Aunt Lucia