Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Adventure for the Day

I'm always so careful to check for the kid's bikes before backing out of the driveway. Nobody had even gone outside this afternoon so when I heard the crunch of metal under the minivan I completely freaked. What had I just run over? Was the car going to be ruined? THIS ISN'T EVEN MY CAR!!! I borrowed this from my parents so I could take the kids to the pool!!! I slammed on the brakes and ran out to see what I had just done..... only to discover that I had run over the neighbor boy's bike. I felt TERRIBLE. So I ran into the house to get Mrs. Cocco and of course all 6 of the kids came out too. The bike was completely jammed under the axle of the car. My hero, Dad, came right away and jacked up the car to get the bike out. I was barely holding back my tears when Mrs. Cocco told me, "It'll be fine and we'll get the bike fixed. It'll be a blessing for this boy because now he'll get a new bike." I couldn't keep my emotions in any longer and the tears started pouring down my face. GREAT! I'm crying in front of all the kids that I babysit!! My Dad was great and he handled everything, knowing if I started talking I might just start sobbing. The oldest girl, a sweetie who reminds me exactly of what I was like at her age, came over and gave me a hug. It's funny because I'M supposed to be the one drying the tears and giving a loving hug. But this time it was her turn to minister to my heart. So that was my afternoon. Quite unexpected, against the plans that I had, and a stretching experience. I suppose it was to get me geared up for New York. Learning to go with the flow, take things as they come, and trust on God's power to carry me through.

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Kristen said...

Car accidents happen. Well, bike/car accidents happen. You handled it very well, Guatemolly =]

See you Saturday in New York City.

Richie :P