Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I've been preparing for New York this week, both in the heart and the suitcase. My excitement and anticipation has grown as the hours go by. I know that God has so much to show me this next week. I eagerly await seeing all that He has planned and all of His children that will come to know Him. I realized today that I had put on my application that I have "conversational Spanish." I was like, "AHHHH!!! Why did I put that?!! I don't know how to evangelize in Spanish!!" But the idea also kind of excited me so I got on the internet and looked up key "evangelizing" words in Spanish (sin, forgive, die, rise, cross). It will be a pathetic attempt but at least I can hopefully get the idea across using only infinitives. :)

Here's some pics. of my packing project.... do you think my suitcase is going to close???? I've done about 75%. My trend is normally to shut it, sit on it, zip it (while sitting on it, of course!!) and hope it doesn't burst on the way there... :)



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Kristen said...

Oh, Molly, you have NO idea. My suitcase is probably 200 times bigger than that, stuff is over flowing off the sides and I literally have to sit on it!

Well aren't we just fine travelers? I bet the New Yorkers will totally be able to tell that we're tourists! :P