Sunday, July 6, 2008

Melt My Heart!!

The Sanders (a family we know) is in China right now adopting their sweet Zoe. The above pictures were taken the very day they got her!! Look at how happy that girl is and how alive these children become with just a few hours of lovin'!

Had to share this short story with you that Mrs. Sanders blogged about last night:
"Zoe is fast asleep after her dinner debut. She ate everything in sight and is holding onto her sippie cup like it is her lifeline. When we got back to the lobby a Chinese businessman stopped me, looked at her and said, "I love you little one." Then he looked in my eyes and said very intently , "You know , I have always thought that there is a God in heaven who is looking out for all of us. Now, when I see you with her, I know He is real. I said, "Yes and His name is Jesus. " He said , "She is the luckiest little girl and you are an angel. I said, "No...God did this." I walked away stunned.
She came home, giggled and played with the boys, then I put her in her bed and she just laid ther unmoving-typical of orphanage babies and heartbreaking to watch. I sat beside her teary and praying -thanking God for this gift. "
Need I say more? I was near tears after reading that this morning!! What a beautiful thing God is doing in the lives of these families who are adopting!

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Patty V. said...


Your blog is an encouragement! You are a wonderful Godly young lady. We are adopting from Ethiopia

I think God is going to be using you in SO many ways to help orphans. Praying for you.

Patty V.