Saturday, July 12, 2008

Full Day!

Today I went to a Star Wars marathon. I had never watched that much TV in one day so it was a first for me! :) We played some games and listened to a really good sermon in between the movies so it wasn't like 6 hours of TV straight. Overall, a fun day!!

I came home and my mom made me study for my ACT so I decided to take a practice test over English. I was feeling so confident until I started grading it..... I was missing ALL of them. I was kinda' starting to stress until I realized I was on the wrong answer key. Yep, that'll do it. I did MUCH better when I graded it with the right answer key. Whew!! A definite blonde moment! :)

There have been some tragic events in the adoption world this week. A little boy in Ethiopia died yesterday. His soon-to-be family lives here in the US. I haven't even let myself imagine what it would be like. It is so tragic. Then, another family adopting from Ethiopia had their referral revoked- which NEVER happens. Basically, they recieved their referral recently and thought they were adopting that child and were just told that for some reason they cannot. This may not sound like a huge deal but the hearts of the family are broken. They still feel a great loss even though they'd never held that precious baby and now they have to wait AGAIN for another referral. Also, if you recall, I blogged about Zoie, the little baby girl (big eyes, a couple posts ago) that is being adopted from Ethiopia. This family has had numerous roadblocks since arriving in Ethiopia and it is so obvious that the devil does not want this little girl to join their family. I just started a new book yesterday called Too Small to Ignore. It is written by the founder/manager of Compassion International, a ministry to children in poverty around the globe. I haven't gotten very far in it but the one thing he has been talking about is how there is a spiritual battle raging over each and every child. I'm sure you'll hear more from me about this book but I felt like this really applied to everything that has been happening this week. So pray for these families and for all of the children that are without loving homes tonight. On the good side, our friends the Kindreds just got orange!!! So they'll be heading down to Guatemala to get their ADORABLE baby Kella. And on Wednesday I'm going to see the Sanders (Zoe from China) come home. So exciting.

Now I'm off to scrapbook!!! My outlet for creativity! :)



Sherry said...

Molly -

You did a great job of summarizing the week of adoption events into one paragraph. Whew, it's been a wild one. Kevin and I talked yesterday about how faith and fear are like two ends on a teeter-totter. If you are totally filled with faith, there is no room for fear. But if you are low on faith, the fear will rise high.

I definitely am going to have to read "Too Small to Ignore". I just finished "There is No Me Without You". If you haven't read it, it is amazing! It opened my eyes to a new perspective on Ethiopian adoption that I couldn't grasp before.

I love your heart Molly! What a party it is going to be when the Lord someday fulfills your adoption desires. Remember, He annointed David King at age 13, but David didn't take the throne for another 30 years. His timing and preparation our beyond our abilities to comprehend.

Wow - didn't mean for this to be so long. Oh well ...

Blessings! - Mrs. Semlow :)

Anonymous said...

Yay for the movie marathon but boo for Star Wars!

Princess Bride=better choice