Tuesday, October 7, 2008

17 Kids and Counting

There's this new show on TLC featuring the Duggar family, a strong Christian family with 17 children (and one on the way!!) :) Anyway, it is my new favorite show. I am so excited to see a family declaring a strong Christian marriage and family on TV. They openly talk about Christ and prayer. This week's episode was about purity and courting. Their oldest son, Josh, is 20 and the show showed his proposal and the first few weeks of engagement. I LOVED it. I loved seeing their commitment to purity. I loved seeing their love played out in such a Godly manner. I was impressed by Josh's strong leadership and initiative in their relationship. Our culture has lost so much of the endearing chivalry and concept of men pursuing the women. I was encouraged to see these two families who have fought to teach their children these things and i was encouraged to see the young adults carrying them out. I hold these values very near and dear to my heart and I'm SO glad to see strong young adults standing up for what the Bible calls us to do. I was excited and it made me happy to watch that cute couple!!! hehe! :) Someday, ladies, our princes will come!! Keep trusting in Him!!! :) For now, let us rest in the fact that there is always One who will call us beautiful. He not only thinks we're beautiful on the outside but also on the inside. He holds our hearts with both hands, cradling them and healing the wounds. Our precious Jesus is our first love, and He knows us better than any man ever will.

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Philip said...

that is great stuff, Molly.

I think you are very beautiful, both inside and out! And I know someday another man will think that and I look forward (in a very bittersweet way)to handing you to his strong hands. You are a wonderful daughter and Katrina and I are very grateful to God for you!

your "papa"