Sunday, October 19, 2008

NYC Video/Slideshow!!

I put together a video of my NYC pics from this past summer (i know, i'm about 5 months late.. but better now than never!). Thought everyone would like to see it. Any of you NYCers reading this feel free to post a comment about whatever comes to mind after seeing the pics! :)

(pause my music in the bottom right hand column so you can hear the video music!)


Philip said...

Great pictures, molly!

your papa

Lucia said...

Dear Molly:

I really enjoyed seeing the pictures of your trip. It is
nice to see them all together
in your slide show.

Looks like this trip will go
down as a most memorable one.

Love ya, Aunt Lucia

Kristen said...

I totally remembered like all those pictures. Cute slideshow! What a wonderful time we had there!

I'm so glad that everyone could get together and show Christ's love to the New Yorkers. Thanks for posting!