Friday, October 17, 2008

5 Random Tidbits from my day

1. I am trying to master the intro to this song by Mark Schultz called "Legend of McBride." I tried to find it on YouTube so y'all could listen but didn't have any luck. Anyway, it has this REALLY cool piano intro that I've been tackling. It's been fun.

2. I'm SOO super excited for all of the AWAA families who passed court this last week!! Congratulations!! Your children are BEAUTIFUL! I kept getting distracted from my schoolwork today looking at the pictures and dreaming of what my sweet babies will look like someday.

3. My friend Alexa and I did our school together this afternoon at Panera. It was fun having someone to talk to (besides a dog that doesn't respond or even glance at me when spoken to) while doing my work! :)

4. My camara isn't working and I'm not very happy about it.

5. This weekend is JAM-PACKED!!! :) It's going to be fun though. Hopefully I'll have pictures... if I can get my camara to work!

I'm sorry for such a boring post. I really felt like blogging but had nothing to blog about! Sorry for wasting 8 minutes of your life reading about mine!

Have a great weekend!


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Annie said...

AWAA---America World Adoption, by chance? They are such a neat organization and I'd love to adopt with them in the future! They seem like they have a real heart for the fatherless. What's your connection with them?