Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fun Saturday

It was a great Saturday!!! This morning was my annual pedicure with Corinne (we always go in october for our birthdays). It was very relaxing and fun!! :) Definitely a treat.

Then we headed to the mall to eat lunch and do some shopping. We really didn't buy anything. I used a Bath and Body Works coupon and got my favorite lotion free. :)
I babysat this afternoon until 8 tonight. It was my first time babysitting for this family. They have a little baby girl who's almost 1. It was fun. :) She was a cuddler. I was reminded of the little cuties I held in Guatemala. They would nestle up and just lay their head on your shoulder. So sweet.
This evening I got back from babysitting and took Caleb with me to go get ice cream. We'd tried 3-4 times this week to get some because I've been craving it all week but it hadn't worked out. So I finally got my DQ! :)


Philip said...

Hi Molly,

can you please explain the whole idea behind a pedicure again? I think I missed it the first time. Somebody at work once told me it is was about having your toenails painted. but that was so patently ridiculous I naturally laughed at them and called them a liar.

thanks in advance

your papa

Anonymous said...

Sounds fun! :)