Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Journey

This road so full of twists and turns.
Full of joy and heartache,
with rich lessons to learn.

There's bright sunshine and rain,
high mountains, low valleys,
Despite heavy hearts
we press on for the eternal finale!

So when my life's a rollercoaster,
with no road signs to follow,
I keep trusting in Him,
and find hope for tomorrow.

I'll keep climbing the mountain,
grabbing His hand,
turn my face to the sunshine,
My faith is all He demands.

I find strength for the journey,
and patience to wait
To wait on God's timing
Not a moment too late.

I trust in His goodness,
overcome by His grace.
He is writing a story
that will fall into place.

~Molly 10/08/08


Annie said...

A beautiful poem, Molly! Thanks for sharing it!

Philip said...

I love your poetry, Molly. Please keep writing it and putting it here.

God was the first artist with creation being his first work (at least available to us, and realizing of course he lives outside of time so "first" is not really accurate.....but I will shut up now) and so when we create any kind of art which reflects beauty or transcendence, we are truly acting "in his image". truly Thank God for all the writers, composers, painters, etc. who show truth and beauty in a fallen and often ugly world.