Wednesday, April 6, 2011


So I wrote my previous post a little bit earlier this evening after praying and seeking the Lord for encouragement and strength. I was in a funk, with a bad attitude, and was so frustrated at my inability to find joy in this trial.

Not even 3 hours later, I was sitting in our Wednesday night worship service and it was like a veil was taken from my eyes. The lyrics, "May everyday, and every way I live bring GLORY to you." just hit me. My day, my week has been so selfish. I have been focusing so much on how I feel, how much it stinks to change my diet, how much I just want to go and eat a giant bowl of ice cream and not worry about feeling gross. Where is God in this? I had totally lost perspective the past couple of days. We were created to bring Him glory. Each day, each breath is for HIM, for HIS purpose. We are here to bring Him praise, to lead others to bring Him praise, to love, to serve, to learn, to grow, to build community. As I praised the Lord for who He is, what He has done for me, and what He has in store for me, my eyes switched to these "light and momentary troubles" to the eternal perspective of bringing the Lord glory. Praise the Lord for the grace He gives everyday as my selfish heart takes over!

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