Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm Excited

Why am I excited?
Because other people are excited about serving the Lord.

Because regular, old families with a mom, dad, and a couple kids are doing BIG things for the orphan. These families live paycheck to paycheck just like you. They have to shop the clearance racks, watch the sales, follow a budget. They don't have extra money to go adopt children. They don't have hours of time to give to starting non-profit organization. But they're passionate, they're called, and they're obedient! SO COOL.

Share in the excitement with me and hop on over to these family's blogs/websites I just discovered. I hope someday I can sit down with these mammas and talk about life as a wife, mother, and woman of Christ. These women are my heroes and I pray my life reflects Christ as theirs do.

Shelly's blog: wife, mommy of 3 from her tummy and 2 from Uganda :)

Shelly's kiddos came up with The Cupcake Kids. Precious little hearts for the orphan.

Joy: Shelly's best friend, a pastor's wife, mommy to 4 from her tummy, and waiting on little ones from Uganda.

Sixty Feet: the organization that Joy and Shelly's husbands started to raise money for an orphanage in Uganda

I'm excited to follow these families (cause we all know I need more blogs to read) :)

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