Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Another video.

I feel bad for you blogging buddies that read my blog because you are probably super tired of hearing about orphans. But guess what? I found another video on someone else's blog and I have nobody else to share it with. The video was filmed in Ethiopia at an orphanage called Hannah's Hope, run by the agency called All God's Children (a really neat agency that friends of ours have used). My brothers always make fun of me when I talk about all of the kids I want to adopt when I'm older (and married of course). But after watching videos like this and reading books and blogs how can you not want to adopt 6 kids?!! I'm serious! If the Lord will provide the money I'll adopt as many as I can handle. Anyway, enough of me on my soapbox!! :) It's only 5 minutes but don't watch if you don't want to. I'll never know if you don't. If you're anything like me you'll need your kleenex (i cry easily though so it may not be as emotional for you)!!!

Click the link and go down to the 4th video labeled AGCI Hannah's Hope Ethiopia:

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. It's such a busy time of year- school's wrapping up, the lawnmowers are going again, summer plans are being made, and it seems to me that there's just a hint of excitement in the air.

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Carrie S said...

I love your heart. You are an amazing witness for the Lord and I hope my little girl has as much conviction as you do someday. Thanks for this posting.