Sunday, April 27, 2008

Friends and Family

This weekend has been such a blessing. I've had tons of time with both family and friends. On my way home from lunch today I was musing over the past year and how many more friends I have now. I feel incredibly grateful that the Lord has given me these kids to hang out with. I so look forward to our game nights and lunches after church. It would be so lonely if I didn't have them in my life!! They're definitely a bright spot in my week!!! :)

Last night I went over to Spencer's house with a bunch of youth group kids to have a game night in celebration of Ethan coming home from Memphis. It was alot of fun. Then today we went to our favorite Chinese restaraunt for lunch after church. We're supposed to do a thing with our youth group tonight called "Bigger and Better" but at the moment it is raining..... so I hope the sun comes out because we'll be walking around neighborhoods trying to trade items up for something bigger and better. I guess I better bring my umbrella.

I have nothing else to report and my mom is ordering me to go practice my piano. Oh joy!!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're in my life, Molly. It was so cool God first brought us together at that dog obedience school. You're such a blessing to me and a one of a kind friend. I'm sure over the years He'll draw us even closer!

Let me simply put it:

Thanks for being in my life!