Tuesday, April 8, 2008

No Roadmaps

A lesson I learned today:

Go straight for 5.6 miles... turn right on Grove... keep going for another 3.4 miles... on your right you will see a beautiful building... turn right before the building... etc.

Unfortunately, there isn't mapquest or maps for the journey of life. We can't plug in our questions and recieve an answer like this:

Stay right where you are for another 3 months.... join this Bible Study for the rest of the year... apply for this college in April.. study hard for this test... etc.

Nope... no instructions like that. As I pray and study God's word, many of my concerns are about decisions I have to make. Teens my age are faced with TONS of decisions. We have to decide what college to attend and what career we want to do for the rest of our life (therefore deciding our major) all while dealing with grades, friends, family, and the normal things of life. Not to mention making prayerful decisions about jobs, mission trips, dances at school, what to do about dating, etc. Whew!! It's so overwhelming when you think about how the actions I take now are going to affect me the rest of my life.
Yet, I have nothing to worry about. Our God is the giver of Perfect Peace, a peace that surpasses all understanding. As soon as I started stressing about things I would just remind myself that He will give me direction. Through His word and prayer, He reveals truth to us, guiding us in the way of His will. Although He rarely says exactly what to do through His word we can see what is good and right in His eyes, and through that, make wise decisions. So I'm sorry if I bored you but I was excited to be reminded of this and I hope you'll be encouraged too.

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Anonymous said...

This was no bore what so ever to read, Molly! You have such deep thoughts....I think you're rubbing off on me because I'm starting to journal about this kind of stuff. Thanks so much for posting what's going on in your mind.