Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New York City here I come!!

I'm going to New York this summer for an evangelism missions trip!!! Woo hoo!!! I started registering tonight and I'm super excited!!! It's been so cool to see how the Lord has opened the doors for me to go and even how He's grown me already through the preparations. I first decided to go with the expectations that two of my church friends were going as well. When their plans fell through I had to decide if I was still willing to go without them. I really didn't want to go without at least one of them but I knew that the Lord was calling me to this trip. So- I agreed to go. It turns out that both of them are probably going now!! I know that the Lord was using their temporary inability to go as a week of testing for me to see if I trusted Him enough to go alone. I can only imagine the lessons he will teach me there as this trip will be hugely out of my comfort zone!! :) It'll be a great week of personal growth as well as growth in my friendships with the people that go. I covet your prayers as I finish the application process and begin the preparations for the trip!

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Anonymous said...

Molly and Kristen=New York city travelers who'll probably get lost in about twenty minutes once they first arrive in that zoo!

Haha....I can't wait for it either! Man, this is going to be an awesome trip to see how the Lord can use us both.