Thursday, April 24, 2008

This is so weird

I had heard this awhile ago but I just remembered it tonight and felt like sharing it with all of you blogging buddies. This is so weird to think about (these are really only applicable if you're in high school):

  • In less than three years we will start attending our own friends' weddings and wedding showers. Some of us may have already started going to some.
  • In less than 5 years our friends (and possibly us depending on how old we are) will start raising families!!
  • Our future spouse (if God's plan for us is marriage) is out there RIGHT NOW somewhere growing up and making decisions for their future (college, career) that will affect your lives together. If that doesn't make you want to pray for him/her I don't know what will!!!
  • If the Lord calls you to adopt, your child's parents are probably already alive, though they may still be young. Hearing that encouraged me so much to pray even now for my future children, for I can't imagine that I wouldn't adopt!!

These are pretty wild statements to process, yet such a good reminder that even though we may be young we are not powerless. We can always pray- there's never a time when prayer is pointless. None of us (unless you've had some amazing revelation from God) :) (I sure haven't!!!) know who our soul mate will be or even if we know them already. But that shouldn't keep us from praying for them. Who knows when they may be having a rough day and could use some prayer?!!!

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Anonymous said...

Yes!! Power to the young people!! Those statements were really interesting. It's so hard to imagine our own weddings since we're only in our mid-teens. I'm sure it'll come soon enough! Thanks for sharing.

Luv ya too =]