Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I work at a doctor's office. We see everyone- rich, poor, clean, dirty, polite, rude, happy, and sad people. My biggest struggle in life is probably self-righteousness. I tend to think that I'm more obedient/organized/smarter/etc. than another person and that leads to major pride issues. Today at work we had some frustrating situations and I had a bad attitude. I looked down upon people because they were unorganized, rude, uneducated, and not very presentable. The Lord forced me to search my heart and I found pride and sin there instead of a Christ-like love for the people I serve at my job. My sin is so great- but praise God that it's not greater than the cross!! I had prayed this week that God would show me my sin and He did. Not through my parents, a friend, pastor, or mentor but through our patients!! He works in such mysterious ways to humble us.

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