Monday, April 28, 2008

Sunny Monday

Those of you who live in my town may wonder why I called it sunny because it certainly has not been sunny today. It's rained nearly all day and it looks very gloomy outside. I woke up in a very bad mood this morning. I was not happy at all when my alarm rang, we didn't have anything except toast to eat for breakfast, there's nothing to look forward to all week or this coming weekend, and I was just complaining. What a bad attitude!!! Thankfully the Lord pricked my conscience and I counted my blessings and was thankful for the wonderful morning that He had given me to enjoy. I had agreed to babysit some kids with my friend Corinne and so I headed over there. I had so much fun. We babysat 8 kids, 4 of them under age three!! (i wish I had a picture to post- they're super cute!!!) 4 of them were also adopted internationally. I marveled again over this miracle of adoption and the precious children that the Lord has so graciously put in these amazing families. The sun was shining in that house, even though it was pouring outside. There was joy and laughter and that's all we need to live our lives. I'm so thankful that I got the opportunity to love on those kids this morning and share, if even for a couple of hours, the joy of these children whom God had set apart to be loved by these families.

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