Monday, June 2, 2008

Back to the Books!!!

Thank goodness not school books- scrapbooks!!!

Before- just stacks of paper and pictures

During- the huge mess of scraps, tools, and stickers!

After- two Arizona layouts with more to come!!!

I have been enjoying scrapbooking the past day or two so much. I really hadn't scrapbooked (except to do Ethan's) since last summer. I almost felt guilty just sitting and scrapbooking all afternoon yesterday because I never do things like that. Scrapbooking is one of those things that I do for me- because I enjoy it. I love scrapbooking an event and having our family gather around and remember the moment that I just put in the book. It's so much fun to go back through my old scrapbooks and look at all the pictures as well. I dream of showing them to my children in 15 or 20 years and pointing out their Mommy when she was a kid. So next time you drop by my house, I will gladly show you my stack of scrapbooks!!

This morning I got up and Chloe and I went on a walk together. We roamed the neighborhood and she thoroughly enjoyed herself, as did I. It was nice to be out in the sun, listening to Sarah Groves on my mP3, and getting some excercise. If only the whole summer could be this carefree!! Next week I'll be getting up at 6:45 every morning to go babysit. Needless to say, I will savor my 8:30 walks with Chloe every day this week (Kristen, you need to move closer so you and Lucy can join us- Chloe liked her so much!!).

Tonight I have a piano recital. Yippee (that was soaked in sarcasm). I wish I were looking more forward to it. I am definitely ready for a break from piano. I love being able to play, especially when I just sit down and play worship songs for an hour. At times like that, I'm grateful my mom has forced me to take lessons for so long. When I have to do a recital or contest, I do not always appreciate her determination!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful afternoon!!! I'll be cheerfully greeting patients and answering phones all afternoon. How will you spend your summer day?

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