Thursday, June 19, 2008

Feels like a Friday

It feels like a Friday today. I'm not quite sure why but it does! It's a good thing it's not Friday because we have ALOT to do before Sunday morning comes! We've begun the dining room table stack, where we pile all of the stuff for Family Camp on the dining room table- snacks, batteries, games, sunscreen, bug spray, etc. Our packing list consists of two columns on a sheet of notebook paper. Yeah, alot of stuff. Our car is jam packed when we leave! :) This year I'll get a picture. I'm really getting excited for it. If you ever have the chance to take your family to Life Action Family Camp do it! It's an incredible experience and I hope that I'll be able to take my kids to it someday. I'm looking forward to posting all my pics when I get back. I'll definitely have to do day-by-day posts because there will be too much to tell all at once! :)

I didn't have to babysit today so I'm hanging out with a friend this morning, babysitting another little boy this afternoon, going to part of my NYC training, and leaving early from that to go to our youth group Bible Study. It will be a busy day! :)

Everyone have a lovely Thursday!

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Anonymous said...

That does sound like a busy day! I think I'd go crazy if I were you...