Friday, June 6, 2008


I don't really know how to begin this post but I don't want to skip blogging about this. So i'll do my best! :)

The past school year, especially the past few months, have been a time of growth in my friendships. I'm so amazed at how different my life is because of them!!! I journaled today that, "never have I felt a greater sense of both the absence and presence of community in my life!" Now, you probably are wondering what I mean by that. It's been so cool to see God mold together the youth from church. We have grown very close over the past few months- between game nights and 2 hour trips around town to find chalk we've definitely grown from acquaintences to friends!! When we're together as a group, we have a God-honoring community and I love it!! I enjoy hanging out with every one of them. All of them have enriched my life and made me look forward to the weekends! :) That is the presence of community. When I'm home alone I miss that community and I look forward to the next time we get to hang out. So thank you for being my friend, you guys!! I don't think most of them know that I even have a blog so they won't see this but oh well!!! :)

Kristen, I could write a whole paragraph on you but I won't!! :) I think you'd be the only one that would read it anyway! Thanks for IMing with me last night. That made me happy! :) Have I embaressed you enough now?!!

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Sunshinee7 said...

Oh,'ve made me cry. I'm not embarassed at all. Thanks so much for this wonderful post. And thanks, too, for being my friend! I'm so happy God's put you in my life!!!