Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Simply Amazing

I know nobody wants to hear anymore adoption stories but I can't help myself!! :) Just be thankful that I shared this website with you so you can see the part of me that comes out in these entries.

Last night I got home from my piano recital and I had a message on my cell phone. It was my friend Corinne and she said that she had something to tell me. I called her right back and she proceeded to tell me that one of our mutual family friends had some very exciting news!! We've known the family she was talking about for quite awhile and last year they brought home a little girl from Korea. They'd talked about adopting again but really hadn't made any steps towards doing it. They got a call from Korea a few days ago asking them if they would be willing to adopt another little girl- the biological sister of the daughter they just adopted!! I wish you could've heard me squealing into the phone!!! I am so excited for them and in awe of how incredibly good our God is!! He shows me again and again His faithfulness. I wish I could post the picture of her- she is the cutest baby (i say that about all babies, though)!! She has big chubby cheeks, brown eyes, and these stubby little pigtails that stick up on her head!! Precious little girl who's going to a very loving family.

Now when will we get a call like that??????? Ha. Maybe I'd better count on a call like that when I'm the one adopting!!!

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