Sunday, June 8, 2008

Simple Pleasures

Lots of simple things that just made my day:

Celebrating our Pastor's 15 years of service to our church with a special service and potluck afterwards. They brought in a bagpiper and once the congregation was seated he played Amazing Grace and that one classic bagpipe tune (i would hum it for you but that doesn't work going from my computer to yours lol!). It was that kind of moment that just gives you the goosebumps because it's so amazing. They also had Pastor Bob's best friend travel here for the service this morning. He is an AMAZING musician and he played piano while singing this song called Reign Your Glory (i think). It is a powerful song about revival and one that I have enjoyed listening to from time to time. So it was a great service.

Going to Libi Faith's open house (the little girl from China who I went to the airport to greet). It was just amazing to see this precious baby here in the arms of her Mommy and Daddy!! God is SO GOOD!!! If I counted right, there were 10 little adopted girls from China/Korea and one Chinese boy there this afternoon. Plus 1 little Guatemalan girl. I was in heaven!! Talk about cute kids. I also got sit and talk with friends. A great afternoon for many reasons.

Watching the sunset while sitting at the pool chatting with Corinne tonight. I think I might've gotten a little more tan.... maybe not. Either way, it was good to catch up on our crazy lives as well as just relax.

Well... that's all for my day. I get to sleep in one last time tommorow. My babysitting family decided to go out of town for a long weekend so now I don't start until Tuesday. I've made a list of things that I can do with them to keep them busy but I'm sure we'll exhaust it quickly!!

God bless your week!!

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