Saturday, June 7, 2008

Only Dog Syndrome???????

I think Chloe has a bad case of "Only Dog Syndrome." Similar to "only child syndrome" only with a dog. We are dog-sitting our friend's dog Daisy today and tommorow. Although Chloe enjoys having a playmate she is ridiculously jealous of any attention we give Daisy. If I pet Daisy then Chloe growls. I know. She is pathetic and spoiled! :)

I'm looking forward to having a buddy tonight in my bedroom. Daisy actually knows what it means to sleep at night, unlike hyper Chloe. I'd always wanted Chloe to sleep in my room but it never worked. I tried several times and every night it would take her an hour to finally lie down after pacing the room and lathering my face in disgusting dog slobber. Then, she would wake me up at 5 AM. Nope. Didn't work. Oh well, for tonight I have a dog that will actually be my companion- not my worst nightmare. Just kidding. We love Chloe so much.

Here's some pics of the two "girls" as we call them.

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