Friday, June 13, 2008

Beautiful Picture

I probably watch 30 adoption blogs. Thankfully, some genius invented Google Reader, which tells me when they've put anything new on the blog. This has saved me tons of time and allowed me to follow more people's adoption stories. Anyway, this particular family was in Ethiopia this week picking up their little girl and on their blog they posted this picture which sums up the emotion of finally having your precious child placed in your arms. By the time I will finally experience this I will have dreamed about it for over 15 years (more than that probably). Yet I'm sure that will never prepare me for the sheer joy and abundant love that will spill out of me when that baby/child is placed in my arms. It's far off but I can't wait for the day when that will be me and my family!! (If you haven't noticed, this whole adoption thing hinges on getting married. I hope this isn't a problem in God's plan!!!) :)

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