Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Go Figure

Kid: Hey let's play some baseball now!!
Me: Ok........ we can do that. I'm so not a baseball person. This is going to be humiliating!! :)

15 minutes into the game

Kids: No that wasn't out! It's safe. He should've walked! No that was a foul!!
They're looking at ME to judge this game? I think the 6-yr old knows more than me!
Me: Well, I guess it's safe. This game's just for fun so we don't have to get picky about rules.
phew..... that was close. I can't make judgement calls on a baseball game!! Who signed me up for this?!!!

Well, that was a piece of my day. Along with being a cook, peacemaker, meltdown manager, referree, math tutor, hug-giver, and playmate. But it's so much fun. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

The one little boy nearly had me crying right along with him today. He was having a rough morning and, I soon found out, he's one of those kids who bottles all the emotions up inside. Then he lets them all come spilling out at the most random moment. I crept into his room to find him sobbing in the corner. I sat down next to him and talked with him for several minutes, praying all the while for wisdom and discernment and that God would give me the words to speak hope and encouragement to his sensitive heart. The Lord did guide my mouth and I think he was OK afterwards. The most important thing that I learned today is the incredible impact we as caregivers have on our kids. They look to us for direction and help. When that sweet boy told me what was troubling him I didn't know what I could possibly say!! My fearful, timid spirit told me to flee before I say something wrong but I know that matters of the heart are not to be taken lightly. We all have kids in our lives that can use our encouragement. Who knows when God might want to use YOU to lift their spirits?

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