Friday, June 6, 2008

Life is Precious

Well, after some much needed time with God I think I'm ready to blog. It has been "one of those days." An emotional rollercoaster with lots of ups-and-downs. The Lord has alot to teach me this summer and He's not wasting any time getting on it!! :)

Ethan, the friend from church with Luekemia, had another seizure today. It was worse than the last one and pretty traumatic for the family. He had been doing so well and it was so hard to hear about this major setback. My heart is aching for him and his family. The past months have been incredibly exhausting and scary. I can't even imagine what his parents are going through right now. When I dream of being a mom someday I sometimes forget that it can be the most challenging job in the world. It's impossible for me to put myself in the shoes of Mrs. Loomis. I'm sure it's a daily struggle to watch Ethan suffer and be completely helpless to do anything about it. So today was sort of a reminder that life holds no guarentees. God is sovereign and anything can happen.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so praying for him. Poor guy. He's been through so much.