Monday, June 16, 2008

Full life, full heart

My heart is so full right now. It's just one of those days where you can't help but see God in everything. Where you feel so loved by our Savior you can hardly stand it. Where you see His incredible faithfulness and you stand in awe. When your eyes are opened wide to the blessings that He's given you- none of which you deserve. I am in awe of how good our God is to sinners like me. I give Him nothing and He has given me everything.

I had a great morning with "my" kids. Their daddy's home from his fishing trip so that meant an extra hour and a half of sleep for me. What a treat!! They said they just wanted to stay inside but I knew they needed some excercise so I proposed a picnic. I popped frozen pizzas in the oven, made some koolaid, wrapped the pizzas in foil, and we took off down the trail to the "purple park" (that's what they call it!). On the way there, one of the boys reached out for the hand of the other. My heart absolutely melted!!! :) It was so cute to see those brothers holding hands walking to the park. The one boy had some meltdowns this morning because of his brother and he started our little hike to the park in a nasty mood. But, as Sarah Groves says, love covers over a multitude of sins. He chose to forgive and by holding out his hand he was showing great love towards his brother. They're best buds. My only regret was that I didn't have a camara!

Tonight I start my training for NYC. I don't know of anybody going from my church to this particular session so I'll be meeting some new people. On the home front, we're gearing up for Family Camp and figuring out why we have a lake of water in our basement...


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy life is treating you right! Keep smiling and praising God! =]

Katrina said...

Hi Molly,

You definitely got your poetic gifts from your father and not me! I loved your poem. Maybe you should submit it for possible publication to Brio or some Christian Magazine.

Your Momma XOXO