Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday blogging friends!

Some people have a knack for writing humorous blog posts. Several of the blogs I read leave me laughing. Somehow they can relive an ordinary day and make it hilarious. I can't do that. And it's probably not going to change. I can write serious poems but not funny blog posts. Hmm.. oh well. I'll just keep writing.

Eventually something exciting will happen that will actually be interesting to read about. Meanwhile, my life is basically consumed with school, more school, work, and church stuff. School is going very well so far. I officially despise chemistry (but that's the only class i really dislike). I'm SO thankful for my incredibly intelligent dad to help explain it to me. We've had some good laughs over my pathetic misunderstandings lol (right dad???) :) Health has been depressing the past few days. So far, I've watched 4 videos on domestic violence, abuse, and dating violence. When the video ends I'm just blah. What are you supposed to do after seeing such horrible situations? How sad it is when relationships that could be beautiful turn into horrific nightmares. God did not intend for a dating relationship, marriage, and family to function like that. I'm so thankful that there are still men who follow the Lord and love their wives and children well. Praise God that He has brought up Godly fathers to raise up Godly sons to lead the girls of my generation (in the coming years). If there's one thing I've learned, it's that relationships like that don't have to happen. In Christ's strength, I believe that we can grow up to have healthy, wonderful marriages. It's just sad to see all the people who get hurt everyday from the relationships/marriages that don't work out.

Monday night I started my new babysitting job. It's just every other week for two little boys. They are so cute. The 3 year old said the funniest things. I also realized again just how different boys are from girls!! Girls will sit with me and play for hours with dolls and a kitchen. NOT BOYS!!! We played with every toy in the room, moving back and forth and back and forth. We never played with something for longer than 2 minutes (except for when i pulled out the building blocks- they LOVED those and we played for about 20 minutes with those. Of course, we had to build towers and knock them down over and over again lol!)

Tonight I had girl's bible study. It was great, again. God has been so good to provide so many opportunities to dig into the Word. I'm so thankful.

Tommorow is See You at the Pole, and our church is hosting "Saw You At the Pole" (a pizza dinner, slideshow of pictures from the morning, praise, and prayer). It should be a good day.

Some scripture I read today really hit home:

"Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails."
Proverbs 19:21

Good stuff! :)

Have a great night everybody!

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Kristen said...

I'm totally coming to Saw you at the Pole. Guess I'll SEE you then! Ha! :)