Friday, September 12, 2008

Riding along...

I was driving home from piano today and the Lord gave me this poem. Thought I'd share it with you. Before i started formulating the poem I'd been thinking about the constant struggle of doing a quiet time. I've done horribly this week and have always found excuses for not doing it. As I prayed and thought about it, I was overcome in awe at how God keeps taking me back. How everyday, He finds the grace and love to forgive me. Day after day without fail!!! Not only does He respond when I seek, but He pursues me. He shows me scripture to encourage me, shows me people I can look up to, shows me thins that touch my heart and remind me of His plan. Only our God would do that!! Only our God would forgive us and on top of that lavish us with blessings!! I'm humbled that He would show such mercy to me. i'm having the spacing issue again with the poem. Sorry.

Pursued by My Savior

You keep runnin after me
I'm so close, yet so far away.
You keep calling me to be
a girl that's different from today.

You pursue me,
with your never-ending love.
You pull me closer
you bless me from above.

I just can't understand sometimes
Why you bring me back.
With all my sin, my depravity,
all the holiness I lack.
Yet you love me,
like no earthly person could
You call me daughter,
I was bought with your son's blood.
You consume me,
with joy, peace, and rest.
You lavish on me,
a grace and mercy I can't test.
You adopt me,
this thought just makes me cry.
Yes, Lord, you love us.
From now until we die.
Molly Mitchell

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