Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Birthday Celebrations!!!

Today we celebrated my 17th birthday since I'm going to be out of town on a college visit for my real birthday.
I went into work to find a "happy birthday" balloon and cookie cake!! I was so surprised to find out that my sweet mommy had dropped it off before I got there!! So my coworkers and I pigged out on cookie cake!! :)

Aunt Diane came for dinner and we went to my fave Italian restaraunt. I walked in to see balloons in there as well!! My mom was all over today! She had also brought along these dorky birthday sunglasses. And yes I had to wear them!! LOL!! We then came home and opened gifts. As soon as I walked in the door I answered the phone to have Corinne tell me they'd gotten their referral!!! PTL!!! :) :) That was the best birthday gift I could've gotten. So of course I had to go over and see their pictures. Semlows, I think if I'd stayed any longer at your house I would've started crying for joy!! I'm so happy for you guys.

All in all, it was a great day and I think I'm most thankful to have had an evening with family. We don't seem to get that very often anymore!!
Thank you Mom, Dad, Noah, Caleb, Aunt Diane (LOL! hehe!!), Uncle Dan, Aunt Lucia, and Uncle Jay for making my birthday special!! :)
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Kristen said...

Sounds amazing! You're gunna be 17?! :O Wow...uh, when did THAT happen?! ;)

Katrina said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday celebration. I enjoyed helping make you feel special and celebrating the wonderful day you were born and the life of the very special daughter God has entrusted to us to love and raise to become the lovely young woman of God you are today.

I love you more than you could ever imagine but one day when you have your own children you will really know the depth of love I feel and have for you.

XOXO Lovingly always, no matter what, Your Momma