Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Prayer Needed!!

Prayer warriors, let's get on our knees on behalf of this family!! Salomae came home this year from Ethiopia. Her health started deteriorating upon her arrival home and the suspected health problems ended up being much more serious than anticipated. Her spine is deteriorating and she's going in for surgery on Thursday.

Please pray:
- For the doctors hands as they operate on this sweet girl.
- For PEACE PEACE PEACE for parents, Salomae, and the 4 other children they have.
- That Salomae will have a miraculous recovery and that the surgery would be completely successful.
- That Salomae will have an understanding of what is happening and why. She's only been home for a few months and has already undergone so much medical treatment.

If you'd like to visit their blog hop on over and leave them an encouraging comment. I've been amazed sometimes at the power of a comment on someone's blog- even when you don't know the person!! http://notquitedoneadopting.blogspot.com/

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