Monday, September 15, 2008

Need to use more words!

So I came up with about 6 different blog posts in my head today. This was not one of them, but that's okay!! They say that women speak around 20,000 words a day. I have not gotten all of my words in today so my blog will have to suffice. I just finished watching a thrilling video all about allergies, in which they involved this cheesy love story where the girl is allergic to her boyfriend's dog. Oh, and she came from England to visit him and got stung by a wasp- twice. She had to go to the hospital the second time and then while she was lying in the hospital bed he declared his love to her. Aren't you jealous you didn't get to see it?!!! OK.. so maybe it wasn't that great.

I'm going to backtrack to the weekend since I was too busy to even blog! It was an awesome weekend. I spent time with friends, took my ACT, and then yesterday our church had our annual fall picnic. Thanks to the endless rain, we held it inside. It actually worked out well. When I first arrived I was the only teenager there and I'd decided that I was leaving as soon as my shift at the "duck pond" game was over. But slowly, more people began coming and I soon busied myself with helping out with other games and talking with the adults. When I walked into the room with my food at dinnertime I had three little girls come and say, "Miss Molly!! You have to come sit with us!!!" How could i resist? They were too cute. So I sat with four kindergarten and first grade girls that giggled the entire time. After dinner, I got to hold a little baby so his parents could finish dinner. I love holding babies. My ACT went well, I think. I'm definitely going to take it again next month. Hopefully I will gauge my time a little better and not have to guess on the last few of the Science portion. Anyway, I'm pretty sure I didn't get what I wanted but I know I didn't do terrible either!!

Well.... I guess that's all for now. Sorry for the boring post. Blogging just isn't the same as talking to a real person. So I think I will go back to reading my literature book. This post is so random and boring! I'm sorry! :)

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