Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Hello everybody!! I hope you are having a great night. It has been beautiful here today!! I'm loving this fall weather.

So today.... i spent the morning doing Spanish homework, studying for the ACT, and walking Chloe. After lunch I got in my scrubs and went to Target to get a baby gift, causing me to spend 35 minutes in the store getting distracted by cute baby stuff and eyeshadow colors I'd like to experiment with (even though my spending budget was zero!). So that left me running into the post office to ship my two packages before going to work. It's always interesting going out into public in my scrubs. People always look at medical personnel wearing scrubs in public anyway. Then when they look at me a little more closely they realize, "hmm... that is a teenager wearing scrubs. Something isn't right with this!!" Even better are the looks I get from our patients. People have said the funniest things to me!!

Tonight we had our first girl's bible study. There were just three of us but we had some really good discussion and it was so great to dig into the Word a little deeper. I'm hoping to blog a little about what God impressed on me during that time but i have to finish my Spanish homework and practice piano. I have the biggest ice cream craving right now. I need to convince my parents to go for ice cream tonight!!

Here's some boring pics from my day. Sorry this is such a random post. I'm in a chatty mood but you can only go so far with a keyboard! :)

In my scrubs before work!

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