Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend!!

We had a fantastic Labor Day weekend. Yesterday we took off for an overnight at my aunt and uncle's house. It was our first time spending the night in their new home and seeing it all put together with furniture and the finished touches. We had LOTS LOTS LOTS of laughs. I hadn't laughed that much since New York probably. We had good food and fun fellowship. Oh, and polar swimming in their pool. The boys were totally comfortable but my swims never lasted for more than 5 minutes before I had to get out and lay in the sun to warm up! :)
P.S. Aunt Diane, please give us a call whenever you need help locating mysterious beeping. We will jump from the couch IMMEDIATELY to go and help you! I'm laughing as I type this and I'm not kidding. The boys are looking at me funny and asking why I'm laughing out loud! We are NOT going to let you live that one down!
Enjoy the pics!! Someone just told me recently that the slideshows don't work, so I'm putting pics up individually.
Zzzzz... hehe!
Mom helping Aun Diane decorate their new house!
Not sure why I uploaded this one...

This picture makes me smile! :)

Another nap, Uncle Dan?!
TRYING to throw Noah into the pool. but we weren't strong enough!! lol!
Looking like a 9 year old with no makeup and having done nothing to my hair... blah!
LOVE this type of pic. I wish the other brother was in it.

Rummy..... our new favorite game!

Helping Aunt Diane organize her new kitchen!!! My specialty! Just kidding lol!

Everybody have a GREAT week!! :) I thought I was starting my online stuff tommorow but it doesn't start till FRIDAY! I'm serious, I don't think I can wait another 3 days to start. It's depressing to not have anything to do that I feel is productive. If I feel useless it's not a good thing! lol! Ughh... I will have to find something to occupy my time. I'm so motivated to start my school but I can't! So frustrating!

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